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Uganda Lions wildlife safaris

The prides of Uganda’s unique natural endowments. Uganda’s wilderness is well packed with different wildlife species and among them are the kings of the beasts “ Uganda lions ”.

The African Uganda lions can be seen in several game parks spread all over the country “ the pearl of Africa “ and there are greater chances of you not missing seeing one only if your safari takes you to the right game park containing these beautiful creatures.

Luions resting somewhere in Kidepo valley national ark in northeastern Uganda
Uganda lions

Today we choose to celebrate one of the looked out for prides of Uganda’s jungles after the mountain gorillas. Baboon Adventure safaris explores about Uganda lions. Uganda is blessed with over 400 lions in about 5 or more lion populations living in habitats across the different national game parks in Uganda.

The Uganda lions are the second most sought after tourism attractions in Uganda of course after the Mountain Gorillas and can be seen all year round in different game national parks across Uganda. Uganda lions best referred to as “King of the Beasts” are definitely African lions.  Fierce, strong, big deep-chested cats that prey on other animals for food.

Where to find and see Uganda lions.

Their habitats are savannah flat-topped grounds because lions are not necessarily adapted to survive in forested areas. However in Uganda especially in Queen Elizabeth National Park, we have the unique and famous “Ishasha” tree climbing lions that live in trees.

They still have all the other characteristics of the African lion but climb and stay in trees during the day to hide from the sunshine and other conditions that are not unfavorable.

Male lions have a mane as their distinctive feature and their big nature makes them the leaders of the pride which are normally made up of females and their cubs.

Uganda Lions are territorial and can stay in a territory for a lifetime for as long as they are not threatened and there is enough food for them. In Uganda, the lions can be spotted in game parks like:

Uganda national parks with lions

Though in Lake Mburo and Semuliki it’s rare to actually sight a lion however you will hear their roars the whole time, you are there. The Lion in Lake Mburo national park is nocturnal and if luck is on your side, you can see him at Night while on night game drive.

Best places to see lions in Uganda

Uganda Lions
Ishasha tree climbing lion at Queen Elizabeth national park

Like other cats, the lions are active at night and that’s when they hunt for their food. If on a night safari, you are most likely to bump into a pride enjoying its prey or a group of lionesses ceasing their prey.

In moments when a lion feels threatened or it senses danger, it will charge up in agitation and rage becoming dangerous to the humans around it. In this state, a lion can inflict on human fatal injuries or even can kill the human on the spot.

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Lions in Uganda

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