Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savanna National Parks in the Uganda covering 260 square kilometers only. This beautiful park which is also home to the largest number of Zebras which can be seen on your Safari in Uganda has a variety of habitats among which are: bushes thickets, open and wooded savanna forests, lakes, rocky outcrops, swamps, dry hillside as well as open savanna forests in which different wildlife live.

Wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park

This park is home to a large number and variety of wildlife among which are:  Zebras, Impala and Buffaloes plus several bird species including the bill storks. It’s beautiful terrain comprising of rolling green hills and the peaceful shores of the lake offer a varied array of wildlife habitats including: forest galleries, acacia-wood valleys, seasonal as well as permanent swamps that offer a safe refuge to wildlife. Join us on our exciting Uganda Wildlife Safaris to explore this beautiful park.

What to do in Lake Mburo National Park

Thanks to the high diversity if wildlife found in this national park, you will find quite a variety of activities to enjoy while on your Safari holiday in Uganda here among which are:

Game viewing

In this park, game viewing is key tourist activity and most loved thanks to the large number and diversity of animals here. Lake Mburo National Park has the largest number of zebras in the whole of Uganda, among other animals such as buffaloes, elands, hippos, topis, hyenas, impalas, defassa waterbucks, leopards as well as oribi which can be seen during the guided game drives conducted early morning and in the late afternoon. You can also visit the Rwonyo dalt-licking area where you will have a chance to see some of the several animals that converge here to lick salt.

Boat Ride Trips

The shallows of this beautiful lake are swarmed with a variety of animal, bird and plant species which can best be seen upclose on a boat. Some of the animals you will see include: crocodiles, hippos and several birds such as Fish Eagle, Pelicans, Cormorant, Herons and the Black Crake.  The duration of the boat ride is negotiable with the managing authority of the park.

Forest walk in Rubanga Forest

There are a number of trails to follow while in Rubanga forest and these will present a closer view of the various bird species living in this forest. A good birder will be able to see as many as forty different species in a single day.

Bird Watching

This small but beautiful park prides in a large number if  profusion of birds with over 350 species including the unusual shoe bill stork that is sought by nearly all bird watchers across the globe. Bird watching is conducted during the forest walks in Rubanga Forest, game-drives and nature walks. Some of the birds your likely to see include: the bare-face go-away bird, Nubian woodpeckers, green wood hoopoe, brown parrots, black belled bustards and the grey crowned crane.

Nature Walks

These fascinating nature walks offer guests an opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature and explore the wild led by armed guides. It another fascinating way to explore this park

Horse Ride Trips

This is among the very few parks in Uganda where you will have an opportunity to watch different wildlife on horseback. These however require booking earlier before your arrival date to enable the park authorities guarantee availability and do all necessary preparations.

During this horse back tours you will encounter several animals such as warthogs, zebras, impalas, bushbucks as well as duikers. You will also enjoy beautiful views at the hill-top and have a nice breakfast in the bush.

Fishing Trips

Lake Mburo has six different fish species with the commonest being the Tilapia (Oreoclcroomisleacosti) however other species include Haplochromes, lung fish and mud fish,. You will have a chance to spend some time fishing out on the lake.

Quad Biking:

This is another activity you will be able to enjoy in Lake Mburo National Park. Its for the more adventurous traveler as you will explore different terrains using these bikes.

Accommodation / Where to stay, in Lake Mburo NP

There are a number of different accommodation facilities found inside and around this park offering different services ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury; as some are highlighted below:

 Budget Accommodation: Rwakobo rock / Mpongo lodge

Mid-Range Accommodation: Arcadia cottages

Luxury Accommodation:  Lake Mburo Safari lodge/ Mihingo lodge / Mantana tented camp