Tree climbing lions of Ishasha- Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda

The tree climbing lions of Ishasha sector in Uganda

Tree climbing lions are rarely sighted world over. Tree climbing lions viewing in Ishasha sector of queen is an internationally renowned incredible experience. Ishasha sector is place for spotting tree-climbing lions.

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Where to see tree climbing lions in Uganda.

Literally, tree climbing lions in Uganda are spotted at Queen Elizabeth national park. Tree climbing lions are unique to Ishasha place sector of Queen Elizabeth national park only. Ishasha sector is found in the south western part of Queen Elizabeth national park in Western Uganda.

An experience with Ishasha lions

The male lions of these exceptional area have black manes.  At Ishasha sector, tree climbing lions are spotted hanging on branches of huge fig trees.

Incredibly unique to only Ishasha area in the whole of pearl of Africa Uganda, your Uganda safari experience will be so exhilarated memorable. In today’s article, we explore the climbing lion at ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.

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Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth national park is not only is the most well liked park but also found in the most visited Game Park in the whole of Uganda.

The landscape at Ishasha  is considerably unique compared to other parts. This region not only unveils its resident Tree- Climbing Lions but as well a great diversity of wildlife.

Other attraction at Ishasha sector.

Apart from Tree climbing lions, there are also other wildlife species here. The reach attractions here include wildlife like: the kobs that are targeted by lions that feed on the savannah plains.

The herds of elephants, herds of buffaloes, the monkeys’ families and others. This is one well-endowed game parks in Uganda that makes it the most visited. Besides Uganda, other East African countries like Tanzania also have tree climbing lions.

Ishasha sector at Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda, the rationale  for these lions climb trees is unclear. However, the few rationales include: the presence of vast kobs numbers grazing here. Dodging the hot ground during day time since these fig and acacia trees give shed. These lion lions are also climb trees around this area due to need to keep away from any tsetse flies bites and so many reasons.

Ishasha tree climbing lions.

Spotting these lions offer a very breathtaking sight. You will see these lions perched up high on branches of the huge fig trees in this area, lazily resting.  Ishasha sector is certainly one of the very memorable destinations while on Uganda safari within Uganda, East Africa or Africa at large.

In addition to the fascinating population of the within the Ishasha visitor will also come across huge buffalo herds, numerous antelopes that keep a crossing your path, there are also a number of elephants that have actually settled within the Ishasha  area and also watch out for the numerous hippos an actually the only thing not plentiful here are tourists.

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Tree climbing lions of Ishasha- Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda

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