Why are gorillas poached?

Gorillas conservation efforts need doubling.  Several tourism stakeholders and other parties need to come together to foster gorillas conservation . Gorillas  are still highly the most endangered animal specie of all primates’ family.

Too many gorillas both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas are immensely killed for unrealistic rationales. Poached in large huge numbers yet with slow rate of replacing. Thu need for Gorillas conservation is paramount.

Gorillas conservation in the wild

intensive poaching of gorillas is experienced in Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. These nations have  the Eastern lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas. In a bid to  curb out their killings, Gorillas conservation efforts have to be stepped up

The threat of poaching that befalls the gorillas is done on several rationales like:

Mountain gorillas conservation hardships.

To get meat for sale. Many gorillas are killed to get  gorilla’s meat. In Congo, military groups seeking asylum in the forest of Kahuzi Biega national park and Virunga national park kill gorillas to get meat  for food.

Others kill gorillas to get meat to sell and earn income. Since mountain gorillas are rare animals, their meat is very expensive. Some people even think it heals some of the illnesses in the land.

Gorilla feeding freely
Gorilla conservation in progress

Exporting this meat to countries in Europe is actually the best option that people consider in the modern days. Crazy unrealistic act and not worthy being done because these are so like our relatives in the wild and deserve more care than being threatened.

To keep as private pets. Gorilla are strong animals that have been always feared. But apparently, hunters and poachers do not fear anymore because they keep them as pets.

Today mountain gorillas are killed for reputation and popularity prestige.  after being killed, young ones are taken as show their strength and keep their body parts as evidence that they did so.

Hunters hunt down and capture the gorillas to make private exhibitions like zoos. They are kept as pets though this is not so common due to their size and since they are fragile and need a lot of care to adulthood.

Most of these people actually fail to give the proper care and the gorillas end up dying.

why we need to conserve  gorillas?

Importance attached to their body parts.

Many cultures stay at game parks boundaries. They are deceived by traditional healers to kill mountain gorillas.

Today, many Gorillas are killed so widely. They are at an  extinction verge. The locals are doing whatever it takes to kill the gorillas since they perceive that they cure them. Witchcraft does attribute a big percentage to gorilla poaching and remains a common threat.

who can conserve mountain gorillas?

Everyone’s effort matters here in conserving  mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas in the three countries.  They are so endangered and their extinction will cost us so much. They avail us with unanimous experiences and memories.

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Why are gorillas poached?

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