what to consider before going for a gorilla trekking tour?

How to plan for a perfect gorilla trekking tour? 

For an awesome gorilla trekking experience to be attained, pre-planning must be done. We have always read issues of dissatisfaction written and posted by several clients.

But the case is did you play your part well or you ignored your part pouring the entire blame on the service provider and destination?

This is one exhilarating experience that any traveler will wish to take home with them, and just boastfully narrate to their relatives and friends in a deeply captivating story.

The activity talked about here is the mountain gorillas trekking experience which is the key and sole reasons as to why many tourists flock in east Africa on top of the hospitality and receptive people.

This activity can be done in only three countries of east Africa that include Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

In Uganda, the encounter with the landlords of the forests are in Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park is one thrilling moment of gorilla trekking experience in a region..

In D.R Congo, they are found in the Virunga ranges and in Rwanda, they are in the volcanoes national park still at the Virunga mountains side of Ruhengeri district.

Get your gorilla trekking safari information.

Deciding to embark on a Uganda/Rwanda/ Congo gorilla safari is one of the few experiences that many people desire.

Many who have visited and had encounter with the man’s closest relative in the wild refer it to as the best thrill of experience on planet earth.

And many that have experienced a mountain gorilla safari have and will still tell the same story but in different versions every day.

Yes, the different versions that have been recorded said in stories are; one says the climax of the Gorilla Safari is standing still and gazing into the eyes of that mountain gorilla is the best bit of the gorilla trekking experience deserving taking another “selfie”, with the mountain gorillas in the background, and sharing it with jealous friends.

At that point, all your preparations of days, weeks and months turn out to have held truth; and all the nights of anxiety become no more.

A full hour with the landlords of the rain forest, the mountain gorillas is the dreamt of adventure of the most hilarious ardent travelers.

Question to you. What exact part of the gorilla trekking safari would you share with the friends after encountering with the gorillas? There are those little things that might make your entire Uganda Gorilla trekking Safari even more gratifying or tarnish it and becomes more unpleasant or more dissatisfying!

Plan well for your gorilla tracking safari in East Africa.

Pick the right time to travel

Despite the fact this activity is done in the forested mountains of volcanoes national park, you can still choose the best date in the year for travelling to the remarkable Rwanda to do your mountain gorilla trekking safari activity.

If you are not so sure about your fitness levels, we recommend you to fix your travel details and do the travelling during the dry season when the soils aren’t too boggy and muddy due to constant rains.

But yet still, the rain forest from which gorilla tracking takes place is generally cool all year round thus expect cool temperatures. There is also no assurance that there will be rain since it can drop any time possible hence endeavor to have the necessary requirement listed on our Baboon adventure safaris site to keep the hype high of the great encounter with the landlords of the forested mountainous Volcanoes national park.

Despite the usually chilly weather gorilla trekking activity happens throughout the year and you will undoubtedly break a sweat especially if your trek lasts more than one hour.

The look on my shoes after the gorilla trek will be another topic of the next write up.

Pay for your gorilla tracking permit early enough.
We greatly recommend you or anyone desiring to do gorilla trekking activity in east Africa to have a prior travel date booking so as to avoid disappointments because the permits are highly demanded for yet there is maximum number to individuals allowed per day to do the activity compared to those that are willing and intending to do gorilla trekking activity thus you surely don’t want to be among the miserable lot that turns up late, only to find out that all permits for day have been purchased.

A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs only $600 and a huge chunk of this money goes towards conserving this invaluable species will a fine percentage goes towards supporting the communities living around the gorilla kingdom.

 What to consider while going on gorilla safari?

Plan to do some exercises prior to your hike
All Uganda’s gorilla tracking trail-heads are traversed on foot and usually for longer hours depending on where the gorilla families are on a particular day. As humans are playful, the gorillas might decide to play hide and seek so hikers should check that they are basically fit to climb through the jungle even for long periods. Have some water and snacks packed.

Pack right but light
The rains are rarely so unpredictable in the places around Virunga ranges thus need for you to check well what you gave packed in your safari bag prior entering the jungles.

We highly recommend every tourist intending to do gorilla tracking experience to pack a pair of solid shoes and jungle boots in particular, a jacket, an umbrella.

On a sunny day we can advise you to travel with a fine cap or hat, sun glasses if you need them, smear yourself with sunscreen lotion, and also come along with a good insect repellent.

Guess what don’t by any means forget your camera home, lodge or in the car because the home people will ask for the evidence and if you miss getting pictures too, your trip is half complete definitely.

A must do before going for gorilla tracking safari.

 Use a local tour operator 
For any heading or travelling to a foreign land will find it hard to navigate the terrains of the area and its worse if things go bad and you find yourself lost where no global positioning system is active and mobile network is lost yet there is none of you or in company familiar with the terrain.

Thus we call upon all the visitors intending to do this activity should be ready to put the it into consideration to contact the genuinely rated tour operators like Baboon adventure safaris and several others that Trip advisor has seen being rated by most of its clients after safari for reputable customer care.

The criterion of getting the best service provider / tour operator hard and crazy itself, but worth the sweat than sweating during the time meant for enjoying after having paid for everything.

You can as well get the best tour operator through recommendations from the ones previously used by friends, family of any relative.

Before gorilla trekking experience considerations.

Juvenile mountain gorilla swinging on some vines

With the right tour operator, your gorilla trekking experience will be the best because for them, finding an accommodation facility or hotel around the volcanoes national park is not that hard because the first hand information gets to them.

To avoid hardships like arriving later than 8am when the gorilla trekking exercise has commenced, or even locating the sector (region) in which you will be tracking, seek for great recommendable knowledgeable tour operator like Baboon adventure safaris.

These are just a few pointers that will complement your holiday and make it a whole lot more enjoyable.

Have you ever been on a gorilla trekking vacation to Rwanda before?  You can also have the primates trekking in the same land of a thousand hills at Nyungwe forest national park.

Or rather cross over to the neighboring Uganda to the capital of primates Kibale national park which apparently  is a home to half of the world’s remaining chimpanzees in the world.

With all the rich wildlife, primates endowments in East Africa, consider visiting the region with Baboon adventure safaris for the great experience.

Sample packages.

3 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

4 day gorilla safari adventure

5 Day Rwanda gorilla and chimp safaris

Welcome to East Africa!


what to consider before going for a gorilla trekking tour?

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